Research areas

The team’s research focuses on higher education, with emphasis on the following areas:

1. Leadership, management and social innovation in higher education

This area concentrates on updating leadership in educational organisations and the influence of management on how these organisations work.  One new feature in this research area is the study of commitment to responsible social innovation through the different university scopes (teaching, research, management, extension).  Some key topics in this area are:  shared leadership, teamwork, managerial competences, management models, responsible social commitment, social entrepreneurship and others.

2. Pedagogical and technology innovation to develop competence-based learning in higher education

This research area focuses on analysis of the innovations that educational institutions are proposing and trying to implement, and which mainly centre on pedagogical changes and new curricular design in universities aiming to better meet the needs of new students and society in general.  Some key topics in this area are:  competence-based learning, credit transfer systems, ICTs applied to learning, design of learning environments, etc.

3. Quality and evaluation of teaching and organisational competences in higher education

It is obvious that innovations would be worthless if they were not supported by systems to ensure quality in processes and regular evaluation to achieve continuous improvement.  These innovations are highlighting new approaches for university teaching staff, stemming from the need to innovate in  training staff and the competence profile required of them at present. Some key topics in this area include: management by processes, quality educational models, learning evaluation, standards-based evaluation, evaluation of structures and processes in universities.