Master's degree programmes
Master’s Degree in Innovation and Development of Competences in Higher Education (official Spanish diploma)

This semi-taught Master’s degree programme looks to make students aware of the importance of turning universities into innovative organisations and equipping their management with the knowledge and tools required to diagnose, develop and implement innovation. 

The programme has been designed for two university groups:  Teachers or students who wish to prepare themselves to teach at an innovative university and for academic management personnel who wish to receive training on innovation management.

The overall objective of this Master’s degree programme is to offer students all round training on the principles, planning methods and techniques, implementation and assessment of innovative strategies in different scopes of higher education:  management, institutional affairs, curriculum and organisation.  This overall objective specifically centres on the following aspects:
  • Introduce and promote the professional competences needed to perform the tasks involved in teaching in higher education and carry out managerial and organisational duties in innovation.
  • Ensure that participants develop the pedagogical knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to plan innovation processes and organise competence-based curricular design in higher education.
  • Form individuals who will perform their professional duties guided by respect for fundamental rights, democratic values and the culture of peace, diversity and belief in equal opportunity between men and women and persons with disabilities.
  • Ensure that participants learn the values required to foster all-round education of their students with ethical criteria that encourage responsible professional performance.

Some of the topics dealt with in the Master’s degree programme are:  pedagogical innovation, social innovation, competence-based learning, innovation management, teaching and institutional evaluation, and the scope of quality at the teaching, organisational and institutional levels.

Director: Aurelio Villa Sánchez
Coordinator: María José Bezanilla

Information and secretary’s office of the Master’s programme:

Tel.: 944 13 90 56 - 944 13 90 45

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