The INNOVA research team has been recognised by the Basque Government as a Category A Research Group in the Basque University System.

The INNOVA team carries out its research in the field of university education, with special focus on pedagogical, technology and organisational innovation.

This inter-faculty research team aims to develop innovation from a multi-focal perspective, dealing with extremely diverse aspects such as pedagogical innovation (approach to competences, European credits), problems in organisational innovation (leadership, work and teams) and technology innovation (teachers’ and students’ technology competences, portfolio use).

This team was formed with researchers from different teams which means its members have very diverse backgrounds.  Many of the team members came from an earlier research team at the Institute of Education Sciences led by the main researcher of today’s Innova team. This previous team developed different topics on evaluation and organisation that have served as the bases for the subjects now being studied.

Developing such varied topics led to the organisation of international congresses on different aspects of education:  challenges facing management, participative management, evaluation of educational centres, leadership and learning organisations, management for innovation, change and management in organisations.

The outcome of these activities can be seen in works published in Spain and abroad and has fostered relationships with leading researchers such as Bernard Bass, Daniel Stufflebean, Robert Creemers, Glenn Inmegart, David Hopkins, Raymond Bolam, Peter Sleegers, David Nevo, Jaap Scheerens, Arthur K. Ellis, Clifton Chadwick, Ernesto Schiefelbein, Peter Senge, Fernando Reimers, Kenneth Leihtwood, Felicity Wikely, Brian Hall, Simon Veenman, and others.