Villa, A., García-Olalla, A. (2014). Un Sistema de Garantía de Calidad de la Docencia: un estudio de caso. Revista Electrónica Interuniversitaria de Formación del Profesorado, REIFOP, 17(3), 65-78.
We present a case study of a Model for Quality Assurance of Teaching which was developved and implemented during a decade in higher education institution as part of a competence based teaching development model. Following a brief descriptino of the context and core elements of the model, we explain how the experince was empirically developed for the accrediation assessment included in the model firstly in an experimental phase and later at te institutional level. This accreditation was achieved in tho stages: Label 1, for teacher quality accreditation of subject planning, which involved a total of 1366 teachers in five successive calls per year; and Label 2 for accreditation of the teaching, which was put into practice at the university in the 2013/14 academic year following a pilot implementation in the two previous academic years. We will present the process carried out and the results obtained.