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El fracaso escolar; el primer escalón hacia la exclusión social.
Bilbao, N. & Marauri, J.
Título del libro: Calidad de vida, inclusión social y procesos de intervención.
Coord./Ed.: Montero, D y Fernández de Larrinoa, P.
Publisher: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Deusto
ISBN: 84-9830-351-3
Our model of society was preceded by a model of industrial society. The arrival of the industrial era brought a comprehensive school model, offering the same content for all students and a constructivist conception of the teaching and learning process. A school which made a proposal to diversity without addressing the inequalities of the context, separating the student from the reference group, and as a result increased inequality.
We live in the society of information and knowledge. A society that needs a model of inclusive school, based on the conception of diversity as an enriching element of the teaching and learning process, thus favoring human development. A model with a communicative conception of the teaching and learning process, in which the construction of reality depends on the interactions that occur among individuals. A model that welcomes all students by providing an answer to allow their full development, increasing social opportunities based on success in the learning process.