Jornadas y congresos
López, A. L. (2013, julio) University Social Responsibility and Innovation (USRI), a model to evaluate the development and institutionalization of social innovation by universities. Comunicación presentada en  la 4th EMES Internacional Research Conference on Social Enterprise,  celebrada en Lieja, Bélgica, entre el 1 y 4 de Julio 2013.
Presenta una breve descripción del Modelo de Innovación Social Responsable Universitaria (ISUR) y los resultados derivados del estudio piloto realizado. Esta investigación se ha desarrollado en el marco del programa Alfa - Tuning América Latina bajo el apoyo de la Comisión Europea.

The INNOVA research team from the University of Deusto has taken part in a research funded by the European Commission through the Alfa programme. A review of evaluation tools used by institutions on issues related to social innovation was done. As a result, a Model to Evaluate the Social  Responsibility  and  Innovation  in  Universities  (USRI)  was  designed  and  a  pilot  study developed. The USRI Evaluation Model is aimed to assess changes experienced inside each university and its impact in the community. The analysis points out areas tackled by universities and issues to be addressed in the future. Besides, it underlines further improvements for the questionnaires.  The  research  aims  to  contribute  to  the  Higher  Education  institutions’ commitment  to  promote  implementation  and  sustainability  of  social  innovations  (UNESCO 2009).  It  will  also  inform  policy  makers  about  the  conditions  needed  to  foster  social responsibility and innovations.