Competences-based learning. A proposal for the assessment of generic
Villa, A. y Poblete, M.(Coords.)
Publisher: Bilbao:Tuning.Universidad de Deusto
ISBN: 978-84-983-0198-4

The book Competence – based learning. A proposal for the Assessment of Generic Competences opens a new series within the Tuning Higher Educational Structures publications. Up to now, the books were international reports, publications which reflected the consensus of experts from concrete geographical regions either at a regional level (Europe, Latin America) or at the level of countries as Georgia and the Russian Federation. Other Tuning publications cover thematic fields, like Chemistry, Physics, Educational Sciences, European Studies, Medicine and Occupational Therapy. The subject matter of the assessment of competences is currently of great interest, as European universities are setting up the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), wherein competences play a leading role. This publication on Competence-Based Learning is the fruit of cooperative teamwork among a large group of professors and lecturers mainly belonging to the University of Deusto. During the 1999-2000 academic year, a phase of pedagogical renewal was begun at UD, whose authorities felt that it was necessary to modernise the excessively professor-centred teaching and methodological model of the University. The new phase was in line with the recently published Bologna Declaration (1999), announcing a future European Higher Education Area.


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